Every owner of a housing unit, or lot, pays dues to the Master Association quarterly on January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1. Dues are $133 quarterly or $532 a year.The owners of all commercial properties pay dues quarterly at a rate based upon square feet of occupied space.

In addition to the master association dues, there are five sub-associations which have separate dues:  Rosemary Place, Greenway Condos, The Village Center Condos, Summit Park and the Hilltop Condos.  Please check with the managers of those sub-associations for questions regarding dues.

If your mailbox is rusty, broken, needs fresh paint, or any type of repair, you can contact the vendor below. Or if you prefer, follow the “do-it-yourself” instructions.

Contact Carolina Mailboxes
Dani Garrett (704) 334-3393
Style:  Lone Tree with 2-inch number plate and 2-inch brass numbers on Corinthian base


Do-it-yourself options:

  • Replace old mailbox with a new #2 black steel USPS-approved mailbox from Lowes or Home Depot. Attach the new mailbox to the base with four screws, and drill holes and attach the number plate to the top of the new mailbox.
  • Sand the old mailbox and/or post and repaint with glossy black spray paint (remove the red flag before painting and then replace).

Summit Park residents – your sub-association is responsible for your mailbox repair. 

There are several common area spaces within Meadowmont:

  • The three entrances to Meadowmont from Hwy 54 – the East Barbee Chapel entrance between the Cedars and the Bell Meadowmont Apartments, the Meadowmont Lane entrance between the Bell Meadowmont apartments and Meadowmont Village, and the West Barbee Chapel entrance near the Hilltop Condos.
  • The median on Meadowmont Lane.
  • The large meadow on Hwy 54 near the walking path including the “hanging garden” near the West Barbee Chapel Road entrance.
  • All walking paths along Hwy 54 and running from Hwy 54 to the Rashkis Elementary School.
  • Four pocket parks – Oval Park, Circle Park, Parkridge Oval Park (and playground), and the Faison Circle Park.
  • Two permanent ponds – the Meadowmont Pond on Hwy 54, and the Pinehurst Pond (at the end of Pinehurst near Hwy 54).
  • The playground, field, and gazebo on Old Barn Lane.

Garbage cans must be stored hidden from the street view and from neighbors’ view.   They can be stored in the garage, screened by plantings of shrubbery or with fencing.

Dead street trees are removed as needed during the year and replaced once a year, in the late Fall or Winter, after the leaves have fallen by Bartlett Trees.  The street tree mulch is replaced once a year in January or February.

The common area pine straw is replaced once a year in January or February.

The Town of Chapel Hill Parks and Recreation Department is responsible for scheduling the soccer fields and for maintaining them. 

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